Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's go to the stars...

Well, besides attend class and turning in homework, there is actually a state of the art PLANETARIUM open to the public at certain hours. It is not only for astronomy majors or nerds (I love the stars but am not an astronomy major), but for everyone else as well. The planetarium features modern educational movies about the stars above us- from the creation beliefs of many civilizations to a deep space adventure which takes you to the outskirts of the solar system and beyond! Ever wondered how you could find the big and little dippers from your back yard? Come down to the planetarium and enjoy a fulfilling feature to answer your questions.
Most features are on Friday and Saturday nights, and if you're worried where to leave the kids, they are welcome too! There is even a star show with Big Bird as the narrator so try it out!

Ticket Prices for public Planetarium Shows:
Evening Shows

$6: Adults

$4: Seniors 55+, Children 13 & under, Students w/ Valid Student ID, Mt. SAC Staff w/ Valid Staff ID

Friday Matinee Shows

$3: Ages 6 & up

$1: Ages 2 - 5

Visit for more information!
** don't miss out, it's truly a privilege to have such an auditorium on our campus.

** picture: Orion's Nebula as it stands today

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