Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good eats!

Good day readers. You guys know I am all about a good time for a few bucks, and there is a special at Cici's Pizza the whole month of March!
The special is $5 buffet all day every day. They have many thin and regular crust pizzas, you can even customize a pizza to your own liking!
If you are a pizza lover, then you will enjoy this trip-they have macaroni pizza, mexican pizza, philly cheese steak pizza, and so many more.
If you are feeling a little lighter, they also have yummy soups to choose from, it is usually chicken noodle and the daily soup.
They also have a whole side of fresh leaves (romaine, iceberg, spinach to name a few) along with all sorts of toppings to make your perfect salad. Again, this special is going on at Cici's Pizza. You can find more information on their website. Enjoy!

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