Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tea? Or Soup?

So, who has heard of the new Phó trend? Along with bacon, neon colors and high waisted pants for women back on the market, there is a yummy trend sweeping Southern California: Phó. Phó is actually beef rice noodle soup- they boil beef bone and serve the beef broth as the entree. They also fill the bowl with yummy vermicelli noodles, Chinese basil, cilantro, spring onions, a choice of meat. There are all kinds of meats and non meats for every one to try. My favorite is the plain Phó no meat, since the beef broth is so perfect and yummy! It is not oily nor unattractive, rather, it is satisfying to eat because of its nature. Instead of eating a quesadilla with ham, try a Phó soup for rich taste without the flour tortilla. My favorite Vietnamese kitchen hands down would have to be Pho Vietnam Kitchen, in m very own West Covina CA. The food is great, the service is exceptional, and two people can done for as low as $12. Check it out! Also good is the shrimp fried rice (or any other kind of meat fried rice), and the crispy vegetarian eggrols. There are also regular egg roll with vegetables and pork, pick your poison.. They also take phone orders and are closed on Mondays. Enjoy!

Pho Vietnam Kitchen
2351 S Azusa Ave, West Covina, CA 91792
+1 (626) 965-3339

Pictured** Plain Pho no meat. And the entrance sign

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