Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rainbow Roses

Ever looked at a friend and ask them "why so glum chum?"
Well I have a colorful idea to perhaps cheer up a friend or family member.
A couple of white roses (or a dozen, whatever you'd like)
4 cups filled halfway with water, similar looking (in height and depth)
4 different shades of food coloring

Now, take the stems of your roses and cut them to the desired length.
Next, carefully take your scissors and cut 3 inch long cross like incision at the bottom of the stem.
Then, put five drops of the same food coloring in each cup, to make four different colors.
After, take the four part stem and put one part of the stem in each cup-allowing the rose to rest above the four cups. The time to leave the rose varies from each batch, leave it until the petals have caught color.
The white rose will now absorb the water with food coloring, causing the petals to turn different colors!

Good luck!

**tip If you want to do more than one rose at a time, you can do so by carefully placing the roses with stems in all four cups and tying them with a string. Or use another set of four cups, it is up to you. Thank you for reading!
I have provided a tutorial pic just in case.

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