Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Today is not Friday, but I am going to talk about the best happy hour in town! 
Did you know that at TGI Fridays Restaurants they have happy hour twice  a day everyday, and all day Sunday?
That's right, enjoy half priced appetizers, along with happy hour drinks and other goodies. My favorite things are the buffalo boneless wings, with a margarita or two. The potato skins are also a great finger food. The happy hours are Monday through Saturday from 3-7 and 9-closing. As mentioned earlier, it is happy hour all day Sunday-also these special prices are only available in the bar area.  Enjoy!

The easiest route to Vegas

Hello readers!
Today I will talk about little tips you can do in order to save a few bucks on your next Las Vegas getaway.

1. BUS to vegas. Do not drive.
with raging gas prices, you are guaranteed to at least spend $100 on gas through out your trip. Many bus companies offer fares to Las Vegas for about $70 round trip.

2. Take your own food and beverages.
Vegas is the  city that never sleeps, there fore do a little pregaming and pre eating in your hotel room with your own goods from home! Costco has good prices on pretty much anything you need in bulk.

3. Go with a large group.
Try to gather a few friends to go on this trip with you. Not only will expenses be cheaper because they are distributed, you will make memories to last a lifetime with friends.

4. PLAN with time.
In order to avoid at least a few headaches, try to plan your trip in advance in order to be a bit more prepared and have an idea of what activities you will take on.

If I forgot any, feel free to mention them-hope this helps! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Smiling Soothes the Soul

Friends, my mother always says that everything has a solution except DEATH. (and I like to add on TAXES as well) So hakuna matata, chill out, take a breather, and realize everything will eventually settle itself.
Anyway, I found this little coupon which made me smile, hope you like it as well. Enjoy

Rainbow Roses

Ever looked at a friend and ask them "why so glum chum?"
Well I have a colorful idea to perhaps cheer up a friend or family member.
A couple of white roses (or a dozen, whatever you'd like)
4 cups filled halfway with water, similar looking (in height and depth)
4 different shades of food coloring

Now, take the stems of your roses and cut them to the desired length.
Next, carefully take your scissors and cut 3 inch long cross like incision at the bottom of the stem.
Then, put five drops of the same food coloring in each cup, to make four different colors.
After, take the four part stem and put one part of the stem in each cup-allowing the rose to rest above the four cups. The time to leave the rose varies from each batch, leave it until the petals have caught color.
The white rose will now absorb the water with food coloring, causing the petals to turn different colors!

Good luck!

**tip If you want to do more than one rose at a time, you can do so by carefully placing the roses with stems in all four cups and tying them with a string. Or use another set of four cups, it is up to you. Thank you for reading!
I have provided a tutorial pic just in case.

Good eats!

Good day readers. You guys know I am all about a good time for a few bucks, and there is a special at Cici's Pizza the whole month of March!
The special is $5 buffet all day every day. They have many thin and regular crust pizzas, you can even customize a pizza to your own liking!
If you are a pizza lover, then you will enjoy this trip-they have macaroni pizza, mexican pizza, philly cheese steak pizza, and so many more.
If you are feeling a little lighter, they also have yummy soups to choose from, it is usually chicken noodle and the daily soup.
They also have a whole side of fresh leaves (romaine, iceberg, spinach to name a few) along with all sorts of toppings to make your perfect salad. Again, this special is going on at Cici's Pizza. You can find more information on their website. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farmer's Market Visit #2

Hola friends! So my next farmers market adventure was in the city of West Covina. There is an open farmers market at the end of north bound Glendora Ave.
This farmers market did not consists of fresh fruits and veggies, rather, it had a collection of everyday items such as hand made purses, hats, phone cases.
What made this visit pleasant, was the mini downtown West Covina area right along side the farmers' market.
The downtown had more to offer than the farmers' market to be honest, but overall it was a great experience. The weather was a bit over cast, but not too cold.
I would recommend this farmers' market if a shopper was looking for household items, not food.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Upcoming fiesta at local church!

Hello friends, I want to invite you to the annual Saint Martha Catholic Church's Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! The event takes place in the church parking lot, and is put on every year through the collaboration of all of the different ministries. It features a stage with live entertainment,  and rows of food, and rides for three days straight! This year, it will be held on the weekend of May 3, 4, & 5. The only thing however, is be prepared to possible get egged by your family! That's right, the fair will be selling confetti-filled eggs, to have fun with and throw at one's family. There is also an entire kiddy section by the water fountain for the little ones. One of my favorite activities of the fiesta is the weekend-long bingo game held in the parish hall. Make sure to come with an open mind and an empty stomach to enjoy some yummy food and drinks!

For more information contact:
St. Martha's Catholic Church
444 N. Azusa Ave, Valinda CA 91744
626 964 4313

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Miss D's tips for saving a few dollars at the grocery store

There are many ways that one would benefit from saving a few dollars.. Perhaps those few dollars will go to gas, an eyebrow wax, or ice cream for the kids. So how can you receive discounts everytime you visit the grocery store?
Well, many grocery stores actually offer an online email discount club. So basically log in to the website of your favorite supermarket and look for an icon that might say 'get your weekly deals' or 'sign up for our email club'
Then fill out the portion with your name and email, and food preferences (eg vegetarian, no alcohol etc.)
Soon you will recieve discount coupons which you can scan right off your phone! My favorite store is Fresh and Easy, and with these coupons, I literally save around $10 every visit. Hope this helps......

Monday, March 11, 2013

Farmer's Market Visit #1

It is actually sad that some students do not take advantage of the many great things which Mt San Antonio College offers. People from my high school refer to it as 'a second high school', which is actually not true at all. Most of the people that I have befriended at school are from out of the area, or even out of state! So the assumption that Mt SAC is a second high school is actually highly irrational and
a bit irrelevant.

Anyway, excuse the rant. I want to suggest that students visit the farmer's market every Saturday from 8-2! Farmers markets offer a wide array of yummy fruits and vegetables to put on your plate!
My favorite part is the dollar handfuls of purple/green/dinosaur kale, spinach, cabbage, swiss chard, mustard seed, asparagus, and pretty much any other leaf you can think of! Also, I like the fresh selection of hand picked fruit which they have to offer- not only is the fruit fresh, but mostly every stand has a little sample cart of the fruits they carry (free=good). Fresh fruits are not the only thing however, there are also vendors who sell hot food, seeds and nuts, and even orchids starting at $5!
** all the merchandise is nurtured and cared for, and transported by local growers, so support your community, buy local!

Below: my mommy and I enjoying a little shopping! My mom with an 8lb head of Chinese Cabbage..

$3 dollar theatre, really?

With the economy still in turmoil, couples and single people alike still want to have a little fun on the weekends right? Well I have some good news for you, there are actually alternative movie theaters which offer movies for a discount price! Try Brea 5, located off the 57 and Imperial. Or try Norwalk 8 located off the 5 and Pioneer. The final suggestion is Pasadena Regency Cinemas, located off of the 210 and Lake. Want to take the family out without emptying your wallet? Try one of these theaters, see how you like them! Oh, and they also have $1 hot dogs all day every day at each location. (I always take I my own candy) Enjoy! :)

Doctor Doctor!

Students: did you know that there is a fully functioning healthcare facility at Mt San Antonio College? All students are entitled to receive services at the health center, that is why as part of your tuition, there is a student health fee which student pay each semester. The healthcare center offers treatment and services to short term illnesses. Some may include: a flu, back pain, and emotional therapy. There is only a small co pay for the visit, and the healthcare center is fully ready with doctors, nurse practitioners, counselors, and chiropractors. So next time one is feeling a little out of wack, visit the health center for some enrichment! It is located in 67-B on the east end of campus.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tea? Or Soup?

So, who has heard of the new Phó trend? Along with bacon, neon colors and high waisted pants for women back on the market, there is a yummy trend sweeping Southern California: Phó. Phó is actually beef rice noodle soup- they boil beef bone and serve the beef broth as the entree. They also fill the bowl with yummy vermicelli noodles, Chinese basil, cilantro, spring onions, a choice of meat. There are all kinds of meats and non meats for every one to try. My favorite is the plain Phó no meat, since the beef broth is so perfect and yummy! It is not oily nor unattractive, rather, it is satisfying to eat because of its nature. Instead of eating a quesadilla with ham, try a Phó soup for rich taste without the flour tortilla. My favorite Vietnamese kitchen hands down would have to be Pho Vietnam Kitchen, in m very own West Covina CA. The food is great, the service is exceptional, and two people can done for as low as $12. Check it out! Also good is the shrimp fried rice (or any other kind of meat fried rice), and the crispy vegetarian eggrols. There are also regular egg roll with vegetables and pork, pick your poison.. They also take phone orders and are closed on Mondays. Enjoy!

Pho Vietnam Kitchen
2351 S Azusa Ave, West Covina, CA 91792
+1 (626) 965-3339

Pictured** Plain Pho no meat. And the entrance sign

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's go to the stars...

Well, besides attend class and turning in homework, there is actually a state of the art PLANETARIUM open to the public at certain hours. It is not only for astronomy majors or nerds (I love the stars but am not an astronomy major), but for everyone else as well. The planetarium features modern educational movies about the stars above us- from the creation beliefs of many civilizations to a deep space adventure which takes you to the outskirts of the solar system and beyond! Ever wondered how you could find the big and little dippers from your back yard? Come down to the planetarium and enjoy a fulfilling feature to answer your questions.
Most features are on Friday and Saturday nights, and if you're worried where to leave the kids, they are welcome too! There is even a star show with Big Bird as the narrator so try it out!

Ticket Prices for public Planetarium Shows:
Evening Shows

$6: Adults

$4: Seniors 55+, Children 13 & under, Students w/ Valid Student ID, Mt. SAC Staff w/ Valid Staff ID

Friday Matinee Shows

$3: Ages 6 & up

$1: Ages 2 - 5

Visit www.mtsacplanetarium.com for more information!
** don't miss out, it's truly a privilege to have such an auditorium on our campus.

** picture: Orion's Nebula as it stands today

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Howdy there, readers!
I want to take the time to thank you for visiting my blog.
Out of all the millions of other websites, you choose to share this cup of tea with me. I am just a California girl trying to find my way through the world, learning new things along the way.
Over tea, we will be discussing various topics. Not anything too boring, hopefully. But I hope to advise you of good eats, local events, new music, and fun things to do around the area for little to no cost. We will get to know each other as the weeks go by, stay plugged in, and thanks for reading!

Above: Bee, Jay, Yeezy, and Kimmy watching the throne<3

D Alvarez