Monday, March 11, 2013

Farmer's Market Visit #1

It is actually sad that some students do not take advantage of the many great things which Mt San Antonio College offers. People from my high school refer to it as 'a second high school', which is actually not true at all. Most of the people that I have befriended at school are from out of the area, or even out of state! So the assumption that Mt SAC is a second high school is actually highly irrational and
a bit irrelevant.

Anyway, excuse the rant. I want to suggest that students visit the farmer's market every Saturday from 8-2! Farmers markets offer a wide array of yummy fruits and vegetables to put on your plate!
My favorite part is the dollar handfuls of purple/green/dinosaur kale, spinach, cabbage, swiss chard, mustard seed, asparagus, and pretty much any other leaf you can think of! Also, I like the fresh selection of hand picked fruit which they have to offer- not only is the fruit fresh, but mostly every stand has a little sample cart of the fruits they carry (free=good). Fresh fruits are not the only thing however, there are also vendors who sell hot food, seeds and nuts, and even orchids starting at $5!
** all the merchandise is nurtured and cared for, and transported by local growers, so support your community, buy local!

Below: my mommy and I enjoying a little shopping! My mom with an 8lb head of Chinese Cabbage..

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