Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Speaking of fruit...

Hello again!

People, people, it is important to love ourselves for everything that we may be, but ALSO taking care of your physical being in order to ensure a long healthy and happy life!

With that being said, I hope that this post gives you a laugh, but also motivates you to eat fruit!
They are naturally sweet, and a better alternative than snacks with artificial flavors and dyes.

Healthy eats!


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day right?
So here is a way to make breakfast fun and yummy, for kids and adults!

You will need:

  • Kiwis or green pears
  • 2 mini tangerines/ 1 orange
  • 1 banana

Simply cut the kiwi into vertical slices, from top to bottom, NOT across its body.
Hand peel the tangerines and set aside
Peel and cut the banana vertically in two slices from top to bottom as well, you can cut through the body if you'd like

Then, arrange the fruit like the picture below and you have a tropical fruit breakfast!


P.S. There are so many more shapes you can make with fresh fruit to make it more enjoyable. Don't be scared, get creative and comment! 


Would you take orders from a rock?


I want to suggest a super cute idea: homemade rock decorations.


For this mini project you will need:
a rock
bright colored permanent markers or
bright paint (from any arts and crafts store)

All you have to find is a rock that has two sides, find a good size one perhaps 8" long and 5" tall.

Next, take the rock inside, wash it, and dry it.
 Next you should think about a two part comical phrase. You can write the first part on one side, and the second part on the other side.
A comical two part phrase? Perhaps something like "Knock knock who's there?" (on one side)
turn it over: "no one, just a sitting rock!"

Or you can decorate it with anything you choose to draw: turtles, butterflies, someone's name..
The ideas are endless!
Hope you guys enjoy this one <3

example of a very expressive rock!

Baked Goods

Hello friends! Did you guys know that you do not have to slave for hours in the kitchen to make delicious baked treats?

At any local store you can buy the pre-mixed bread ready to make, these are they typical boxes that you find with such flavors as:
Devil Food
Angel Cake
Carrot Cake
Cinnamon Cake
Coffee Cake
Lemon Cake
Confetti Cake

So many delicious flavors!
The boxes come with instructions and a list of what you will need. I believe it's like 2 eggs, water, oil, little things...
So if you want to make cupcakes and be someone's cupcake, here is a nice way to surprise someone!
Not to mention that you can nuts and fruit to any one of these cakes at your liking.

*I like to put crushed walnuts at the bottom of the baking dish, bake, and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Animals are people too

Friends, did you guys know that certain animals express very human emotions?

LIONS- care about their mane. According to Peyton M. West, PhD, a full luscious mane is thought to be attractive to female lions, they also treat lions with a full main with preference.

WHALES- according to the Great Whale Conservancy, a whale was caught in a fishing net off the coast of Mexico. The researchers on the boat managed to free the whale from the net, and in an act of thanks the whale swam close to their boat and jumped about 40 times in the air acknowledging them.

PANDAS- baby pandas in particular, sleep in the same particular position and such their thumbs like human babies! Not only do they use their thumbs as a pass time, but pandas are known to use their special digit to hold and eat bamboo, their favorite snack! Lastly, pandas are extremely shy, and few pandas in captivity are known to be spontaneous to humans' eyes.

BEARS-  do yoga. At the Ahtari Zoo in Finland, a female brown bear was photographed doing what seemed to be a yoga routine, followed by a nap. The bear actually sat upright on its rear and pulled both legs behind her doing a V position. Imagine that?

These are only a few examples of animals demonstrating human behavior. This only opens the door to imagine greater possibilities of the things animals are capable of.


A different kind of TV

Hola friends!

Did you guys know that you can actually sign up to be part of a studio audience for day time television?

Many shows such as Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Wendy Williams, and Judge Judy have live studio audiences that consist of normal citizens like you and I! All you have to do is go to the website of your desired show and look for a link 'for tickets' or 'to be part of our audience.'

Of course, it all depends on your tastes and some of you might be saying " I dont want to go watch a TV show live, I'd rather watch it at my house!'

That is fine too, I'm just suggesting a fun little outing, and hey you might even see a celebrity!


Some Brain...

Here are some fun facts about one's brain. Enjoy!

The adult human brain weighs about 3 pounds.
The adult human brain is about 2% of the total body weight.
The elephant brain weighs about 6,000 g.
The cat brain weighs about 30 g.
The human brain has about 100,000,000,000 (100 billion) neurons.
The octopus brain has about 300 million neurons.
The total surface area of the cerebral cortex is about 2500 sq. cm (~2.5 ft2)

The world record for time without sleep is 264 hours (11 days) by Randy Gardner in 1965.

**courtesy faculty.washington.edu

Thursday, May 2, 2013