Thursday, December 12, 2013


This picture is truly something. Madea can make anyone feel better if you're having a bad day. Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas is set to come out on Friday Dec 13.
Tyler Perry is truly a wonderful and creative writer and  person all together. Along with some of my other favorite movies from him such as Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea Goes to Jail, and this years' Christmas movie.

For a trailer on this Friday's movie hit the link!

A Very Madea Christmas

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Homestretch

Hey. So it's finals week. Yeah, I said it. 
For students in College and University this is the final homestretch before we get to go home and relax with our family. Assignments were turned in last week, exams are taken this week. What you did you did, and what you didn't do, oh well, at this point.

With this being said, I feel that each semester gets better as it comes. In other words, my cognitive skills improve, as well as my communication and organizational skills. 

I never understood the point of this drawn face, I do remember it started in 2012 with " I vote, y u no vote?"

This is year #3 in college, and school never seems to end. But thankfully we are all still here, working towards that ultimate goal that every  one wants to achieve. Like the movie What Dreams May Come, your dreams truly are what you make them.

Polka Dot Nails2

As a fan of nails and nail polish, its time for another of of Dolo's nail tutorials.

All you will need is:

Nail Polish- pink, black, white
Clear Polish
Mini fan (that's right a mini fan to dry them!)

Now with clean hands and polish free nails, begin to paint your bases with pink and white.
Carefully with a tooth pick, dip it in black polish and make polka dots on 6 of your nails. (paint one yes, one no, or whichever alternating pattern you'd like)

Now on the nails which you did not put polka dots, take the tooth pick and dip it in polish, and carefully make lines like a zebra, or straight lines (which ever one is easier).

Refer to the pic for more help:

Beer or Soup?

I saw this flick as I was scrolling through my news feed, and when I saw it I could not help but to literally laugh out loud. This is not only a great form of advertising, but something relative to consumers of all ages. Ode to the soup, beer drinkers, and comedy. 

What is your favorite kind of soup? 

What is your favorite kind of beer?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Edna Mode.

A timeless name bestowed upon by beautiful little niece. Low key, I always wanted someone to share my old lady name. Then my cousin had a baby and named her Edna. As she's grown up, she knows me, fights with me, that's how I know she loves me. On top of that, she is a DIVA 100%.
I do not know where she got all this sass, like they say, she got it from her momma I guess ...


Our Women

Today, December 9th marks the one year anniversary of the tragic death of NorteƱo Music star Jenni Rivera. I know it's been a year later, and many people don' t know it-not only was she talented, but she was also an advocate for women's rights. She had gone through alot in the first half of her life, starting with becoming a mom at the age of 15. Like all people, her skin was toughened through the years, and she. She finally found herself in music, with the help of her musical family of course. One of my favorite songs is Chuperamigos, along with Dama Divina. She really talks about self acceptance and loving oneself, and really saying that no matter what, time will pass and everything will be okay.
God bless her soul. And women.
On second thought. Some Disney humor...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving is next week

Folks, the eating season is upon us.
This means that from now until January, we will be enjoying the famous holiday dishes that we so look forward to all year. (At least I do)

With that being said, I want to suggest a few ways to prep your turkey!

In El Salvador (my mother's home country), on festive occasions, there is a huge array of festive foods which are prepared. A famous way to prepare your turkey is called "pan con chumpe."

This way, the turkey is prepared in a stew-form. Complete with juice composed of wine, oregano, and vinegar. The next step is you place the cooked shredded turkey in a french roll. Next, you top it with sliced radishes, cucumbers, turkey juice, cabbage, and water cress.

Can you say yum?

Stay tuned for more ideas on turkey prepping!