Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The easiest route to Vegas

Hello readers!
Today I will talk about little tips you can do in order to save a few bucks on your next Las Vegas getaway.

1. BUS to vegas. Do not drive.
with raging gas prices, you are guaranteed to at least spend $100 on gas through out your trip. Many bus companies offer fares to Las Vegas for about $70 round trip.

2. Take your own food and beverages.
Vegas is the  city that never sleeps, there fore do a little pregaming and pre eating in your hotel room with your own goods from home! Costco has good prices on pretty much anything you need in bulk.

3. Go with a large group.
Try to gather a few friends to go on this trip with you. Not only will expenses be cheaper because they are distributed, you will make memories to last a lifetime with friends.

4. PLAN with time.
In order to avoid at least a few headaches, try to plan your trip in advance in order to be a bit more prepared and have an idea of what activities you will take on.

If I forgot any, feel free to mention them-hope this helps! 

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