Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Miss D's tips for saving a few dollars at the grocery store

There are many ways that one would benefit from saving a few dollars.. Perhaps those few dollars will go to gas, an eyebrow wax, or ice cream for the kids. So how can you receive discounts everytime you visit the grocery store?
Well, many grocery stores actually offer an online email discount club. So basically log in to the website of your favorite supermarket and look for an icon that might say 'get your weekly deals' or 'sign up for our email club'
Then fill out the portion with your name and email, and food preferences (eg vegetarian, no alcohol etc.)
Soon you will recieve discount coupons which you can scan right off your phone! My favorite store is Fresh and Easy, and with these coupons, I literally save around $10 every visit. Hope this helps......

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