Thursday, June 6, 2013

California Living...

The famous PCH

Hello! I want to share a couple of cool fun facts about our beloved state: CALIFORNIA!

City of Angels, City of Roses, city of dreams...


  1. Death Valley is recognized as the hottest, driest place in the United States. It isn't uncommon for the summer temperatures to reach more than 115 degrees.
  2. The first motion picture theater opened in Los Angeles on April 2, 1902.
  3. Inyo National Forest is home to the bristle cone pine, the oldest living species. Some of the gnarled trees are thought to be over 4,600 years old.
  4. San Francisco Bay is considered the world's largest landlocked harbor.
  5. Sequoia National Park contains the largest living tree. Its trunk is 102 feet in circumference.
  6. Yorba Linda is home to the Richard Nixon Library.
  7. The Coachella Valley is nicknamed The Date Capital of the world and The Playground of Presidents.
  8. One out of every eight United States residents lives in California.
  9. California is the first state to ever reach a trillion dollar economy in gross state product.
  10. California has the largest economy in the states of the union.
  11. If California's economic size were measured by itself to other countries, it would rank the 7th largest economy in the world

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