Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Princess Diana vs Princess Kate

British "paps" (paparazzi) as they are called seem to have a field day criticizing and comparing the beautiful late Princess Diana to expecting Kate Middleton.

To begin with, both ladies married their prince charming from Wales England. They both share the same mother in law: the gorgeous Queen Elizabeth. (love them both, do not mean anything in a negative connotation)
And both have impeccable tastes in fashion.
Both love to dress modest and playfully, just a princess should. Both women are extremely humanitarian and enjoy social/charity outings.
One last thing: both have one of the most watched weddings on TV of all time; a Royal wedding is a function!
 There are many comparisons that can be make purely on observation, because honestly no one knows the girls.. But it is good to see Prince William married to his companion and college sweetheart.
They are also expecting, congrats to my Royals!
Love from California.

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