Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Silhouette

Here is a fun and creative project to make a silhouette, maybe it can make a nice gift or decoration!
Have you ever made a silhouette project? They're actually pretty fun and this idea helps you do a self portrait instead of needing to shine a flashlight and pencil out the profile of the face.

You will need:

A side photograph of your subject
Two pieces of paper (one with a print/design, one solid color)
a pencil
frame (the size of your paper, usually 8x10)

1. take the photo of your subject from the profile (side view)
2. cut out only the face of the photo
3. trace this shape onto the paper with a design on it
4. cut out the profile shape
5. put the sold page in back of the printed page
6. frame and enjoy!

or you can do it as the picture suggests!

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