Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known internationally for her gaudy glamour and brisk beats. From the hit Born This Way to Judas to You and I to Telephone to Alejandro, every one of her songs has a hidden message, and its creepily enchanting (along with many other hit artists, but that's a whole different story)
Anyway, Gaga is also a huge advocate for the LGBT Community and believes in equal rights, although her style is a bit strange to say the least, she is still a good example for boys and girls all over the world.
Also, believe it or not, Gaga has shown herself to be very humble; according to reports, she still lives with her parents! She has not decided on a house because she says she is too busy and does not know where she wants to settle down yet. Again, this information is based on local reports, unfortunately I have no direct quotes from her...yet...

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