Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This year I am happy to say I attended the Poseidon Dance party aboard the beautiful and legendary Queen Mary ship in Long Beach,CA.
It was a dance celebrating the LGBT Pride festival's arrival to Los Angeles.
I dance because I believe in equal rights. I'm  a straight woman and its completely fine for me to hold my boyfriend's hand. So why can't same sex couples?
They aren't doing anything to me or my family so why should they be discriminated against? 
Many say that it is because of the term 'marriage' itself. Some say that marriage beings the 'God' aspect into it and that is against his will. Also, as a catholic I can't help but feel strongly between church and state- although some topics are disagreeable, I know everyone has their own opinion and that is okay!
With that being said, enjoy goodnight.

^^ Queen Mary at night showing her gay pride :) she feels me...

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