Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gender Roles

When I listen to oldies, I feel like I transport to a time way before my time. I imagine myself in the fifties, as a teenager, riding in my car with the top down.
Perhaps a Chevy Bel Air, Ford Custom, Chrysler 300C, or a Ford Thunder bird?

They only down side however, to living in a time before this is that women were very disadvantaged and impeded from their capabilities for a long time. I do not know why women have been seen as birth ovens for all of humanity, Providentialists (that is, those who believe in a higher power, God, Ala, Lala Bella) like myself may say that it's because "God made Eve from the rib of Adam, therefore she is subordinate to him" And depending on your beliefs, that may be all true, however think about the logical aspect:
God needed to give Adam a companion, a helper, and someone to share his life with, someone to give him a smart second opinion: then came Eve.
Pretty much Adam would not have survived without his love ;) so God helped him out and sent him the most beautiful complex creature there is in the universe: a woman.

Anyway, back to the fifties:
Look at the show I Love Lucy: poor Lucy always wants to be active and go out, however, every time she goes out she gets into some mischief or another. Which is comical, however that is pretty much saying that Lucy should have stayed home.
Just with the simple fact that she is a stay at home mother shows that she was the co-pilot of the house because she virtually brought no income home.

Another view: it is interesting that her husband is actually a Cuban immigrant, that completely defaces the image of the "perfect American family". Is there a subliminal message about mixed marriages? Could it be a foreshadowing to the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Just a rant, thanks.


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