Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teen City

Hello readers, as you know I am all about quality goods for a good price.
So I want to invite all people who are currently active (cough cough) and interested in their sexual health. The East Valley Community Health Center located in West Covina CA, offers no cost comprehensive healthcare for your sexual health. I cannot stress how important it is to keep up your mind, body and spirit- thereforei encourage you to come on down and get a quick and free HIV-STD
test. And for the ladies they offer free pregnancy tests, free pre and postnatal care. They also offer birth control and Plan B.
(I guess you could say it is similar to Planned Parenthood)

So come on down people, don't be shy, we're only human....
The best time to walk in is at 7:15 am.
More info on website:

Pictured** this is what happens if you don't monitor your sexual health!

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