Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bryan Guardado Music

Readers, I want to present to you a talented and upcoming artist.

His name is Bryan Guardado, he is a local Southern Californian who writes, composes and performs his own music. His genres cover from Reggae to Country to Christian. Bryan strives to channel messages of love, life, and experience through his inspirational lyrics various harmonic chords.

Bryan's usual show is a microphone, himself, and his guitar, and honestly that is all that is needed. In April 2010, Bryan put out his first album, "The Return of the Son,"which he performed all around Southern California, including Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties-selling copies of his first album all along the way. His next album, "Reach and Recover" is due to come out anytime soon, I cannot wait to listen to the final copy and see the final album cover work and packaging.

I hope you all share my interests in music-share and follow Bryan Guardado Music. :)

Next Performance: Saturday April 13 2013 at The Park Bar and Grill at 2007 W Burbank Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506

find him at


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