Monday, September 9, 2013

Cleansing drink

Howdy friends!
Tonight over tea I am going to give you a tip for a drink that is both refreshing and delicious!

It consists of:
20 oz of water
Sliced lemons, cucumbers, limes, oranges (mix and match as you please)
A cup 
Ice cubes, if desired

Now, throw the fresh fruit into the cup.
Press the fruit down with a wooden spoon, releasing the juices and flavors of the fruit.

Next, put ice if desired, and fill to 3/4 full, mix it around once more, and enjoy!

Putting lemons and limes in your water helps clean out your system in a gentle and natural way with the citric acids. 
Also, the water in the cucumbers helps keep your face and skin clear.

They say you are what you eat, so why not be a hydrating, inexpensive and yummy drink?! 

For more clarity on how to make this drink, refer to the photo. 


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