Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Would you take orders from a rock?


I want to suggest a super cute idea: homemade rock decorations.


For this mini project you will need:
a rock
bright colored permanent markers or
bright paint (from any arts and crafts store)

All you have to find is a rock that has two sides, find a good size one perhaps 8" long and 5" tall.

Next, take the rock inside, wash it, and dry it.
 Next you should think about a two part comical phrase. You can write the first part on one side, and the second part on the other side.
A comical two part phrase? Perhaps something like "Knock knock who's there?" (on one side)
turn it over: "no one, just a sitting rock!"

Or you can decorate it with anything you choose to draw: turtles, butterflies, someone's name..
The ideas are endless!
Hope you guys enjoy this one <3

example of a very expressive rock!

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