Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Animals are people too

Friends, did you guys know that certain animals express very human emotions?

LIONS- care about their mane. According to Peyton M. West, PhD, a full luscious mane is thought to be attractive to female lions, they also treat lions with a full main with preference.

WHALES- according to the Great Whale Conservancy, a whale was caught in a fishing net off the coast of Mexico. The researchers on the boat managed to free the whale from the net, and in an act of thanks the whale swam close to their boat and jumped about 40 times in the air acknowledging them.

PANDAS- baby pandas in particular, sleep in the same particular position and such their thumbs like human babies! Not only do they use their thumbs as a pass time, but pandas are known to use their special digit to hold and eat bamboo, their favorite snack! Lastly, pandas are extremely shy, and few pandas in captivity are known to be spontaneous to humans' eyes.

BEARS-  do yoga. At the Ahtari Zoo in Finland, a female brown bear was photographed doing what seemed to be a yoga routine, followed by a nap. The bear actually sat upright on its rear and pulled both legs behind her doing a V position. Imagine that?

These are only a few examples of animals demonstrating human behavior. This only opens the door to imagine greater possibilities of the things animals are capable of.


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